Future Voice is a vibrant new consultancy offering communications and media training, campaign support, leadership coaching and event facilitation to organisations and businesses.

We have specialist knowledge of UK and European politics, conflict resolution, military deployments, democratic elections, disinformation, and the movements and issues driving our society.

Director of Future Voice is Sandra Khadhouri, working in partnership with experts from around the world.

Sandra Khadhouri

Sandra is an all-round political and communications specialist and trainer with experience in many organisations, campaigns and conflicts. She cut her teeth as a broadcast journalist for 10 years at CNN, Euronews, Sky News and as associate producer of documentaries in Russia, US and Cambodia.

She then branched into overseas work assisting post-conflict recovery and democratisation in countries like Afghanistan, Kosovo and South Sudan, on behalf of OSCE, EU, UN, NATO, UK Government, International Criminal Court and African Union.

Sandra has worked on many international elections supporting electoral commissions and leading communications for hundreds of election observers, and carrying out investigations of electoral fraud. She has also worked on several military exercises with NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps as a civilian adviser, public affairs expert and gender adviser.

Her last foreign mission was for NATO in Georgia, helping government and civil society counter disinformation and deliver communications strategies. Back in Britain in 2017, she worked on communications and coordination for political parties and campaign groups, building networks, supporting events and giving many media interviews.

“There has never been a greater need for clear leadership and smart informed voices that people can trust and believe. Future Voice brings together a host of experts to help navigate this brave new world, reaching beyond loyal supporters to capture more support, refocus the conversation and inspire positive action.”

“Working with many kinds of people all over the world has given me a broad worldview, diverse networks and great interpersonal skills. In our complex and evolving societies, everyone has an important role to play, especially at times of challenge. Together with partners, we offer a unique blend of experience in order to empower, connect, coordinate and create.”

Bio (9)

Sandra wrote her first novel in 2013. ‘Kabul Traffic’ is the story of a junior British diplomat’s experiences in Afghanistan as he joins the battle against drug trafficking, and faces a series of complex personal and professional choices.

Persevering with this book under my own steam was extremely hard. But I was determined to show the dilemmas that diplomats, military and aid-workers face on conflict missions, and provide a window into their unusual and dramatic life stories.

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