European Union & Brexit

We can brief you and your staff on the latest UK-EU developments and how this may affect your organisation, company or sector.  We will help you stay up to date, and understand and engage with decision-making processes in the UK and EU.

Our advice is based on:

  • Long-term tracking of the Brexit process coupled with effective presentational skills
  • An extensive network of political and expert contacts
  • A strong track record in building relations with key stakeholders and decision-makers and developing political and public affairs strategies

Populism & Disinformation

Recent years have marked the rise of different styles of leadership, governance and democracy across the world, capitalising on popular discontent and anger. New forces propose radical systemic change and a rejection of traditional norms of international cooperation.

These changes have been fuelled by disruptive efforts to misinform the population and spread myths. Many countries and organisations have experienced a sharp learning curve in responding to this interference.

We have hands-on experience of combating disinformation, with links to expert networks in Europe and the US.  We will share best practise, tools and tactics to ensure your organisation is robust in quelling ‘fake news’ and credible in conveying the truth.