Future Voice will devise a simple media training package for your organisation, ensuring you feel confident and ready to engage in any format, based on your core story, values and goals.

We will ensure you and your team are fully prepared for your big public launch or event, helping you garner media interest in advance, communicate powerfully and consider every angle.

We will help you respond to crises with integrity and honesty, while keeping your brand intact.

We will give you simple tools to ensure all staff are positive ambassadors for your company, up-to-speed and on-message, while respecting confidentiality and official channels.

Working with Journalists

  • Story Telling and Message Development – how to set a positive agenda
  • Writing eye-catching press releases and content for all platforms
  • Getting media onside and developing productive relationships
  • Understanding how newsrooms operate and how to make journalists take notice
  • Hosting off-the-record briefings and informal networking events

On-Camera Training

  • Telling your story and delivering key messages on camera with confidence
  • Focusing an interview where YOU need it, by pivoting & refocusing the discussion
  • Knowing media tricks-of-the-trade and how to respond to the questions you dread
  • Practising different interview formats: live radio, Skype, down-the-line TV, on location, green screen and studio, sofa chats, door-step interviews and the confrontational one-to-one